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You’re sure to find the equipment and tools you need among the large selection of rentals at McConkey Painting & Equipment Rental.

Skid Loaders:

Tire:    Track:
6640 Turbo Gehl        RT175 Gehl
5640E Turbo Gehl    RT210 Gehl
5240E Turbo Gehl

    Skid Loader Attachments:

Bucket:  smooth / tooth       Receiver Ball Plate         Grapple
Compactor             Stump  Grapple              Post-Hole Digger   9" 12" 16' & 24"    
Concrete Breakers             Root Grapple                  Auger Extensions  1', 2'' & 4'
Dozer Blade                  Snow Blade                    Tree Puller
Forks             Stump Grapple               Tree Shear     14"
Fork Ext  7' x 6"              Snow Ram   8'

Mini Skid Loaders:


  Mini Skid Loader Attachments:

Bucket           Tiller          Post Hole Digger
Forks           Trencher
Leveler          Tree Spade


Powerhouse:  16" Bucket   Gas

Trackhoes / Mini Excavators:   

  Terex     HR16          Wacker Neuson  3503      
  Wacker-Neuson 803           Wacker-Neuson 6003

12" 16" and 24" Buckets


634 Mustang       6000 lb  34' Reach
642 Gehl             6000 lb. 42' Reach
842 Gehl             8000 lb. 42' Reach
     Fall Protection Gear Available

     Telehandler Attachments:

Work Platform      Forks
Industrial Jib        Bucket 8'
Truss Jib
     Fall Protection Gear Available

 Man Lifts:

JLG 600S     Diesel       60' Reach    Genie Z34 22   Electric    34' Reach
JLG 450A     Dual Fuel  45' Reach
     Fall Protection Gear Available

Towable Man Lifts:

JLG 350        Electric   35' Reach
Genie TZ50   Electric   50' Reach
     Fall Protection Gear Available

Scissors Lifts:  Electric

19' 32"  JLG                20' 32"  Skyjack
19' 32"  Genie             26/46 E2  JLG 
20' 32"  JLG
     Fall Protection Gear Available

Scissors Lifts:  Rough Terrain 4 x 4

GS 26/46  RTS  Genie     Dual Fuel
33 RTS  JLG                      Dual Fuel
     Fall Protection Gear Available


Enclosed 7' x 12'
Dump Trailer           Binders
Aluminum Utility                      Straps
Car 16' & 18'    
      Winch Available


RT40 Ride-On Ditch Witch           63"
1820  Walk-Behind  Ditch Witch    3'
1820 Walk-Behind  Ditch Witch     4'
Mini Skid Loader Trencher Attachment


Skid Loader Compactor Attachment

Post Hole Diggers:

Gas Hand Held    4"  6"  8"
Mini Skid Loader  auger attachment  9" 12" 16'  24"
Skid Loader         auger attachment   9" 12" 16'  24"
Manual Hand Held


Electric              Air
Bosch Brute             Jackhammer 
Wacker             Chipper Hammer 

Hammer Drills:

1/2" Shaft    Makita           SDS Shaft             Bosch
1/2" Shaft    Ridgrid           Spline Shaft           Wacker
1/2" Shaft    Skil              Chipper Hammer    Bosch

Pressure Washers:

1800 psi            3000 psi
2200 psi            3400 psi
2700 psi            3500 psi

     Pressure Washer Attachments:

     Spray Wand
     Spin Nozzle
     Parking / Driveway / Sidewalk Sprayer


40 lb Pot
300 lb Pot 

Portable Generator/ Light Tower 4000 Watts:

Wacker  LT4
Wacker LTN6


Gas           Towable
3250 watts  6.5 hp           19- 29 KVA  20 kw Wacker G 25
5000 watts  8 hp
6250 watts 10hp 
7500 watts 11 hp

Air Compressors:   Towable

185 CFM Leroi      Air Hoses
185 CFM Sullivan-Palatek      Blow Gun
210 CFM Sullivan-Palatek
     Chipper & Jackhammer Available

Air compressors:

DeWalt  wheelbarrow style  Titan 5.5 hp wheelbarrow style
Small compressors     


Brick  Saw         Pole Saw Manual
Chain Saw   16”     Pruner
Chain Saw   20"     Sawzall
Chop Saw    14”     Skill Saw
Miter Saw    10”     Table Saw
Multipurpose Tool     Wet Tile Saw  Portable Tub
Paver Saw   10"     Wet Tile Saw  Stand  
Pole Saw     10’


Adhesive Remover Electric          Floor Buffer
Carpet Edger          Floor Edger
Carpet Iron          Floor Sander 
Carpet Stretcher          Floor Tile Scraper
Carpet Knife          Knee Kicker
Carpet Stapler   Electric          Laminated Floor Stapler
Carpet Stapler   Manual            Linoleum Roller
Carpet Tractor             Floor Stapler   Air

Lawn Equipment:

Aerator          Riding Lawn Mower  Skag Cheetah-ZTR61
Edger          Riding Lawn Mower  Skag Wildcat-ZTR61
Electric Shears          Sod Cutter
Leaf Blower          Stump Grinder
Leaf Vac          Tiller     Walk-Behind
Power Rake          Tiller     With Ford Tractor
Push Mower          Trimmer

Pull-Behind Lawn Equipment:

Aerator           Seed Spreader           Towable Wood Chipper
Dethatcher             Sprayer          Log Splitter 34 Ton
Lawn Roller           Sweeper

Nail Guns:


Sump Pumps:

Electric          Gas
1/6 hp             Trash Pumps 3" Hose
1/2 hp
1/3 hp
3/4 hp
2/3 hp

Sewer Snake:    

50'    Electric Eel
100'  Electric Eel


Asphalt Rake   Grinder   Hand Held
Broom   Grinder  Walk Behind
Buggy   Jackhammer  Electric
Bull Float   Jackhammer  Air
Cement Shotgun   Mortar Mixer  Electric
Cement Mixer  Gas   Planer
Concrete Blanket   Power Screed  3', 10', & 14'
Core Drill  Hand Held   Power Trowel  36"
Core Drill Stand   Rake
Core Drill Bits 2" 31/2" 4" 6" 8"    Saw Hand Held
Diamond Blades  14" 16"   Saw  Walk Behind
Divider   Trowel
Edger    Vibrator


Banjo           Square
Paste           Texture Gun
Paddle & Drill           Paddle & Drill               
Sheet Rock Jack           Drywall Sander


12'       28'       10' Step Ladder 
20'       32'       12' Step Ladder 
24'       40'

Ladder Stabilizers
Ladder Jax


Scaffolding     5 'x 5'               Levelers
Masonry Scaffolding             Wheels  
Narrow Scaffolding               Safety Rails
24' Platform                           
Expandable Walk Platform

Space Heaters:

LB White   155
LB White   400
Small Space Heaters


110 Welder     Cargo Straps     Metal Detector
1" Air Impact     Cherry Picker     Pallet Jacks
Air Hydraulic Riveter     Drill    1/2"     Pick Ax
Airless Paint Sprayer     Door Planer     Porta Power
Appliance Cart     Engine Hoist & Stand     Router
Automatic Level     Hand Truck     Power Roller
Battery Charger     Laser Level Transit     Roller Covers
Belt Sander     Line Striper     Roof Jacks
Blower Fans     Magnets    Pole and Wheel     Safety Harness


Sander/ Polisher     Snow Fence                  Toe Holds  
Shop Vac                Snow Blower                  Traffic Cones  
Saw Horse              Spray Hood                    20 Ton Jacks
Shingle Remover    Stands                            Transits
Silt Fence               Staple Gun                      Wallpaper Steamer
Sledge Hammer     Steering Wheel Puller      Wheel Barrow